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< Summer Festival in 1996 >
Hanagasa Parade
Participation / 34 groups (2,212 people)
Shogi Mikoshi Parade
Participation / 22 groups (1,000 people)
< Hanagasa Parade(Tourists Devision) >
< Hanagasa Parade(General Participation) Devision >
1st Place
Kyoku Ryu Kai (Azumasou)
2nd Place
Tokorozawa Kanpo Ryokoukai (Hotel Oushou)
3rd Place
Tohoku Wanpaku Daibouken (Shinjoukan)
1st Place
Nation culture circle "Yomoyamakai"
2nd Place
Yoshioka Hospital
3rd Place
Matsuwaka Suerei Kai
Effort Prize
Woman part of road safety association
in Tendo
Yamagata folk song association
Yamagata Nichibeni Co.,Inc
Tendo Minyou Jyusei Kai
< Mikoshi Parade >
Prize of the Mayor
Kouji neighborhood association
Prize of the chief of executive committee
Tohoku Electric Power Co.,Inc
Prize of examination committee
Naryu association
Prize of the chief director of Tendo JC
Maizuru football team
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