News in Tendo (2nd week in Aug, 1999)[Japanese]

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Aug.15 (Sun.) Midsummer comes again
([Highest]the highest 30.2C /[Lowest]the lowest 20.9C /[Cloudy]weather - cloudy)

Aug.14 (Sat.) Road collapses by a heavy rain
([Highest]the highest 27.4C /[Lowest]the lowest 22.5C /[Rain]weather - rain)

[Kuratsu River]They broadcast that the campaing people in the river bank are washed away in the muddy stream due to a heavy rain at Sanboku town, Kanagawa Prefecture next to Tokyo. And they broadcast the damage of the localized torrential downpour in Yamagata Prerecture, too.

It rained intensively around the prefecture border of Yamagata Prerecture and Miyagi Prefecture. In Tendo highland(Tamugino area) located near here, a road collapsed and only 1 car could finally pass at present. We hold the "Tendo highland festival" next week, but it may be canceled because of it. Because precipitation exceeded regulation value, Route 48 which went from Tendo City to Senda City became suspension of traffic, too. Furthermore, a base under the rail was washed away, and it became full-scale suspension of the service with Senzan line which Sendai City was connencted with yamagata City with. However, it is said that damage is not so serious, they can recover during several days.

Because a river rose rapidly, the self-defense group of each area were dispatched in the morning from 4 o'clock, and they piled sandbags in each area of Tendo city. It is an exceptional case very much to suffer from this disaster in Tendo.

Aug.13 (Fri.) Heavy rain in Japanese Obon
([Highest]the highest 25.1C /[Lowest]the lowest 23.4C /[Rain]weather - rain)

Aug.12 (Thu.) The rain of the blessing, but...
([Highest]the highest 32.5C /[Lowest]the lowest 25.2C /[Rain]weather - rain)

Aug.11 (Wed.)
([Highest]the highest 35.1C /[Lowest]the lowest 23.8C /[Fine]weather - fine)

Aug.10 (Tue.)
([Highest]the highest 33.1C /[Lowest]the lowest 20.4C /[Fine]weather - fine)

Aug. 9 (Mon.) Shogi 100men zashi at fine
([Highest]the highest 35.0C /[Lowest]the lowest 22.7C /[Fine]weather - fine)

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