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Businessman's Hotels in Tendo
(Last update: June 14, 2000)
Map of hotels
Name Fee Name Fee
1. Airport Hotel (from 5,000yen) 6. Hotel Kinokawa (from 5,500yen)
2. Miyako Ryokan (from 5,000yen) 7. Tendo City Hotel (from 6,000yen)
3. Tendo Central Hotel (from 5,600yen) 8. Ousyou Business Hotel (from 5,000yen)
4. Tendo Park Hotel (from 6,000yen) 9. Bandai Business Hotel (from 5,000yen)
5. Business Hotel Izukura (from 6,000yen) 10. Business Hotel Chuou (from 6,800yen)

11. Business Hotel Daimaru (from 5,500yen)
Onsen (Hot spring)...
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Businessman's Hotel...
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Effecacy of Tendo Spa
Larger maps ...(Japanese only !)
Link to "Mapion" (North area in Tendo)
Link to "Mapion" (South area in Tendo)
Link to "Mapion" (Around "Yamagata-Kita IC")

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