News in Tendo (3rd week in Apr, 1999)[Japanese]

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Apr.18 (Sun.) Exhibition of Mr.Yumeji TAKEHISA
([Highest]the highest 20.3C /[Lowest]the lowest 4.3C /[Cloudy]weather - cloudy)

Apr.17 (Sat.) Cherry blossoms are in full
([Highest]the highest 18.4C /[Lowest]the lowest 8.5C /[Fine]weather - fine)

Apr.16 (Fri.) Promotion of Yamagata Shinaknsen
([Highest]the highest 21.7C /[Lowest]the lowest 1.3C /[Fine]weather - fine)

Apr.15 (Thu.) 1,360,000 visitors in Yupia
([Highest]the highest 14.1C /[Lowest]the lowest 6.2C /[Fine]weather - fine)

Apr.14 (Wed.) Bloomed cherry blossoms !
([Highest]the highest 14.7C /[Lowest]the lowest 9.5C /[Cloudy]weather - cloudy)
[Cherry Blossom]
Finally the cherry blossoms started to bloom even in Tendo city. But it was at the front of the road with sunny light. There are many cherry trees around the city office, it is very sunny there. So those trees are the earliest to bloom in Tendo. I went to the Mt.Maizuru on which they hold the event "Ningen Shogi". But those flowers was still bud. It seems that cherry blossoms on the Mt.Maizuru will bloom this Saturday or Sunday.
Nature in Tendo

Apr.13 (Tue.)
([Highest]the highest 15.9C /[Lowest]the lowest 9.0C /[Cloudy]weather - cloudy)

Apr.12 (Mon.) A little more time to the Ohanami
([Highest]the highest 17.5C /[Lowest]the lowest 10.3C /[Cloudy]weather - cloudy)

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