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September 20 (Sun.) Still Summer ?
(highest the highest 33.1C / lowest the lowest 21.3C / fine weather - fine)

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September 19 (Sat.) Cheer up farmers !
(highest the highest 31.5C / lowest the lowest 19.3C / fine weather - fine)

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September 18 (Fri.) New theory of the area name
(highest the highest 26.9C / lowest the lowest 18.0C / cloudy weather - cloudy)

Suwa Shrine (18KB-jpeg)There is the area "Takadama" in the south from central Tendo. Long time ago a kind of tree "Tamo" planted around there. And the word "Tamo" changed to the "Tama". They say that it was the origin of the name "Takadama" ("Taka" means high).

But this time they announced the new theory. They said that the tree was "Harunire" (elm tree), not "TAMO". The true name of the area "Takanire", not "Takadama".

They wrote down the area "Takanire" in an old book in the Middle Ages in Japan. And a kind of tree "Tamo" does not become so big. Some people doubted that theory because of them.

The word "Tamo" in the Ainu means the tree "Harunire" (elm tree). They take care of the elm tree as a kind of the protection and they plant at the great place in their area. And the elm tree becomes over 30 meters high. It is reliable theory rather than that theory, I think.

    (We took this picuture of the elm tree at the shrine "Suwa Jinzya" in front of the prefectural athletic park across the Route 13).

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September 17 (Thu.) Attack of Typhoon
(highest the highest 28.2C / lowest the lowest 17.5C / cloudy weather - cloudy)

Rice field (11KB-jpeg)Yesterday the 5th typhoon attacked the city of Tendo. He stopped many trains and cars at the border of Yamagata Prefecture. And he brought the disaster for the farmers.
He dropped the famous fruits made in Tendo "La France", one of pairs, and blew down the rice fields.

    (We took this picture at the area Koyanome)

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September 16 (Wed.) Typhoon, next to earthquake
(highest the highest 25.9C / lowest the lowest 21.0C / cloudy weather - cloudy)
Typhoon (8KB-jpeg)We had a typhoon attack this morning, next to the earthquake yesterday. We had a heavy rain and a storm this morning. Many staff went to the River Mogami which run through in Yamagata Prefecture because the level was up. But the rain stopped this afternoon. It looked like a usual day.

    (We took this picture at 7:00 a.m.)

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September 15 (Tue.) Earthquake
(highest the highest 27.0C / lowest the lowest 18.7C / cloudy weather - cloudy)

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September 14 (Mon.)
(highest the highest 28.8C / lowest the lowest 17.8C /fine weather - fine)

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(We sign the weather at 3:00 p.m.)
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