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What do you imagine it is necessary at an event ? It is a SOUND, isn't it ? During the "Ningen Shogi", a member of the group who preserve one of traditional drums in Tendo drum "Oushou Daiko". They drum many variety of sound which is different from each shogi pieces. It is easy to know which piece is moved when you hear that sound.
Oushou Daiko
they drumed when a piece was moved
Mr.KONDO explained on the 1st day
they explained next to the shogi board
Next to the very large shogi board, other professional shogi players explain that game on the large shogi board.
<Commentators in 2000>
1st day / Mr.Masakazu KONDO with the grade 4th dan
2nd day / Mr.Kunio NAITO with the grade 9th dan
There are many femail samurai at the event. Woman of a right picture performed a shogi piece "Fuhyou" (same as pawn of chess) is a geisha in Tendo spa same as koshimoto who serve Japanese sake for tourists. So other women without a shogi piece "Fuhyou" are ordinary persons.

# koshimoto : female servants for higher state persons in the Middle Ages
# geisha : a professional female entertainer trained in traditional dance and music.

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