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Policy Speech
policy speech before the game
Before the game, they speeched thier policy for this event and cheered up their own troops. Both shogi players looked happy with a smile.
Kagamiwari meant the opening of the game
After that they held the "Kagamiwari" on the BIG shogi board. An event "Kagamiwari" is held on happy, successful occasion in Japan. We break a barrel of Japanese sake and serve that sake for all guest.

At this event "Ningen Shogi", many geisha in Tendo spa performed koshimoto served for tourists.

# koshimoto : female servants for higher state persons in the Middle Ages
# geisha : a professional female entertainer trained in traditional dance and music.
Ms.Yoko FUNATO with the grade 1st dan
Ms.Ichiyo SHIMIZU with 2 professional titles
On the 1st day(Saturday) of the "Ningen Shogi", you see the game with women professional shogi players.
The RED troops : Ms.Ichoyo SHIMIZU with the title "Oui" and "Kurashiki Touka"
The BLUE troops : Ms.Yoko FUNATO with the grade 1st dan

Both shogi players sit down on the top of towers and command all samurai performed shogi pieces. I noticed that higher grade shogi player lead the red troops and other shogi player lead the blue troops.

Mr.Masakazu KONDO
Mr.Masakazu KONDO with the grade 4th dan
Mr.Kazuki KIMURA
Mr.Kazuki KIMURA with the grade 5th dan
On the 2nd day(Sundayy), men shogi players play with the BIG game.
The RED troops : Mr.Kazuki KIMURA with the grade 5th dan
The BLUE troops : Mr.Masakazu KONDO with the grade 4th dan

Mr.Yoshiharu HABU also played this game in 1991 who is one of famous shogi players in Japan because he have 4 professional titles.
History of the event "Ningen Shogi"

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