News in Tendo (4th week in January, 2001)
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January 23 (Tue.) Tendo junior chamber of commerce decides their actions in 2001
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Tendo junior chamber of commerce hold a New Year general meeting in Tendo hot spa "Takinoyu Hotel" on January 22 and talked about actions in 2001. These are action s in each committee.

Monday, March 5, 2001 / They hold a lecture of a hot spring in Tendo spa for the citizen in Tendo. 100 people take part in this lecture and they have a party with eating local food and drinking local Japanese sake, take a bath of Tendo spa.

The camping for the elementary school students from 4th grade to 6th grade in Tendo.

They have a meeting "Dream of Youth!". After that participants of meeting become the subject and they carry out a music festival in September, 2001.

A regular meeting to think about citizen-based town planning by new technique
Learning meeting of environment ISO

Support of the Summer festival in Tendo

A championship meeting of shogi for the junior high school student in whole Japan

The chief director Mr.TSUCHIYA said that they work many variety of activity with young people over high school students and want to make an opportunity to restructure Tendo with a dream. These days there are many dangerous incidents in whole Japan and the economy is long slump. Not only adults but also young people are the situation of pitch-darkness, I think. If they can show a vision with a dream, people may pay attention to Tendo from the whole country.

January 22 (Mon.) 250 million yen, the damage of heavy snowfall
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Tendo city office reported it to a municipal assembly that the damage of heavy snowfall following from the end of the year to the beginning of the year. That report said that there is a damage of about 250 million yen by January 19.

  • 175 million yen / break of branches and trunks of fruit trees, apple, peach, cherry etc.
  • 75 million yen / Collapse of plastic greenhouses and work sheds

The mayor of Tendo, Noboru ENDO, commented that they will ask the Yamagata local goverment for a help and want to keep smooth correspondence in mind. They start to examine to establish a furtherance system for a damage farmhouse.

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