News in Tendo (3rd week in January, 2001)
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January 21 (Sun.) School of Japanese Sake at the brewing "Dewazakura"
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The Yamagata brewing association hold a school of Japanese sake at the Dewazakura brewing in Tendo. This time 36 people participated in a lecture. They actually rubbed the liquor rice which was steamed and inspected a trip of brewing Japanese sake that a professional craftsman did. There are 6 times of lectures in all at this "school". Next time they have a lecture at other brewing in Yamagata on March 16.

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"Dewazakura Syuzou" [Japanese site]
How to brew Japanese sake [Japanese site]

January 20 (Sat.)
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January 19 (Fri.) Test flight of a small jet of the flight to Nagoya
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The flight company "Japan Air Lines"(JAL) wll transfer the flight between Yamagata to Nagoya to their subsidiary "J-Air" from April 1, 2001. They will operate a small jet with fifty seaters "CRJ200" instead of the current jet "Boeing 737" and had a test flight. The "CRJ200" is a new style machine made in Canada. Full length is 27 meters and there are 50 leather seats by two lines in the jet.

Height of a body is low because it is a small jet. There is an entrance of embarkation in a place of height of an adult. So the passenger board from an apron, I think.

# apron: The place where an airplane stops so that they load baggages and passengers ride.

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Change to a small jet from next April, the flight to Nagoya (News in Tendo: 4th week in December, 2000) [Now translating!]

January 18 (Thu.) New site of a religious service at the East of Mt. Maizuru
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They finished to construct the new site of a religious service in Tendo at the East of Mt. Maizuru. They had a ceremony on Thursday, January 18. They constructed new site at the same place because a present crematory became very old. Around this site, there is a new cherry street as a millenium memory enterprise which is a type of citizen participation. Perhaps a lonely feeling disappears a little...

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New cherry street at Mt.Maizuru (News in Tendo: 2nd week in November, 2000) [Now translating!]

January 17 (Wed.) Dedication of rare Japanese soba to the samurai Nobunaga ODA
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"Tendo Menrui Syokudou Kumiai"(Association of noodle restaurant in Tendo), they had an event to reproduce Japanese noodle Soba written in a historical book of Japanese Edo era (17C) and dedicate it to a Shinto shrine. That noodle is named "Kanchu Hikinuki Soba" and presented to the government in Edo(present Tokyo). The Tendo Oda feudal clan ruled Tendo in the Edo era. And the second son of the famous samurai(knight) "Nobunaga ODA" is ancestors of a direct descendant at this feudal. They had presented that rare soba for the the goverment only in Tohoku / Hokkaido area. "Kanchu Hikinuki Soba" it is made with the unique manufacturing method, they saw a fruit of buckwheat noodles with a stone mortar, sift out them and remove buckwheat chaff. At this event, they dedicated that soba to a Shinto shrine which was worshipped the samurai "Nobunaga ODA". And after that, they have a party to eat that soba for many tourist agents.

You can also eat this "Kanchu Hikinuki Soba" at 16 restaurants in Tendo with the flag of that noodle by the end of Februray. You can eat ONLY this season. Would you try to eat?

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"Suisha Kisoba" / TEL +81-23-653-2576

January 16 (Tue.) Decrease of passenger at the Yamagata Airport in 2000
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On January 15, Yamagata local goverment announced the use situation of Yamagata Airport in 2000. They said that 378,000 people used airplanes in 2000. It means that the number of 102,000 people decreased than in 1999. It was for the first time in 17 years since 1983 that the number decreased at the level of 300,000 passengers. Passengers decreased at all flight, not only the flight between Yamagata and Tokyo which was only one flight from June, 1998. Is the reason the economic depression, isn't it?

< The use situation of Yamagata Airport in 2000 >
The flight to Tokyo79,000 (Decrease of 66,000)
It is almost reduced to half because it decreased only 1 coming and going on 1st from June in 1998.
The flight to Osaka174,000 (Decrease of 12,000)
The flight to Sapporo57,000 (Decrease of 10,000)
The flight to Nagoya60,000 (Decrease of 13,000)
The flight to Hakodate7,700 (Decrease of 1,400)

January 15 (Mon.) "Pioneer" won the home game
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There is a public health center "Yupia" at the Terazu area in the west of Tendo city. And the number of visitor broke through 2,500,000 on January 14, 2001. It took only three years and 9 months from opening.

The 2,500,000th visitor the ISHIKAWA family received many variety presents, a free taking a bath ticket for one year from the mayor of Tendo city, a memorial music box from the Automatic Musical Instruments "ARSBEL" and bouquet from the shop in the "Yupia". The public health center "Yupia" was opened on Thursday, April 17, 1997. It is very popular because there is a big open-air bath and the fee is only 200 yen.

2,000,000 visitors - March 29, 2000
1,500,000 visitors - June, 1999
1,000,000 visitors - September, 1998
# Average 1,926 visitors come to "Yupia" per a day.
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