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October 29 (Sun.)
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October 28 (Sat.)
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October 27 (Fri.) Exhibition of publication in Tendo
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They have an exhibition of publication in Tendo at the city library where is located in the north of the city hall. At this exhibition, they display many books and magazines which published from January 1999 to October 2000, historical books of each area which each neighborhood associations edited, some books which staffs of old county museum edited, etc. They have an exhibition by November 12.

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Map around of the city library
Map of the north area in Tendo

October 26 (Thu.) Exhibition of a photographer Mr. Takayoshi TAKEDA
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There is a photographer at Ohmachi in Tendo, Mr. Takayoshi TAKEDA. He has an exhibition at the public helth center "Yupia" from October 26 to December 5. He serve as a adviser of a prefectural headquarters of all Japan photographer league and he got the prize "Minister for Education" when he exhibited photographs and video tapes about a Japanese fish "Ibaratomiyo" to the audiovisual materials contest in 1986 which is a natural monument in Yamagata prefecture.

At this exhibition, he displays many photographs about imminent little animals, for example, an owl, a dragonfly, a mantis, etc. You can enter the helth center "Yupia" by 200 yen. Would you go to bath and see photos to "Yupia"?

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Location of public open-air bath "Yupia"

October 25 (Wed.) New apple in Tendo "Koma Fuji"
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Tendo agricultural cooperative decided to appoint a new kind of apple "Koma Fuji" as an encouragement kind of an apple. They have a naming ceremony and a meeting to promote one.

The name "Koma Fuji" is named by Mr.Toshimasa OONUMA who is a junior high school students in the Tendo Daisan junior high school. The name "koma" means a piece of shogi(Japanese chess) and the name "fuji" means one of famous kind of apple and the Mt.Fuji which is the highest mountain in Japan. A breed of "Koma Fuji" is born as a variant and it has some good characteristics.

  • We can harvest the "Koma Fuji" around on 20th October, about 20 days earlier than the kind "Fuji".
  • We can expect a high price because the season of "Koma Fuji" is a time of the change of other kinds.
  • Sweetness, coloration and ball growth is good.

Now almost apple tree of "Fuji" become aged trees because it spends 40 years when they start to plant. And the crop time of the "Fuji" is the middle of November, so it is very cold and it is hard for farmers to gather. Many farmers want a new kind of apples. Tendo agricultural cooperative has a plan of full-scale shipmen from 2003.

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Infomation of apple (official site of Hirosaki city, Aomori) [Japanese pages]

October 24 (Tue.) Exhibition of cultural assets in Tendo
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There is the old county museum in Tendo at the west foot of the Mt. Maizuru where is famous for the event "Ningen Shogi" every spring. From October 24, they began an exhibition of cultural assets of Tendo. In Tendo, there are many important cultural properties and historic spots which are designated by country or local goverment. They exhibit these real things or reproduction products in the museum. That museum itself, in fact, it is designated in a tangible cultural property of Yamagata local goverment.

From now we have an aumumn festival in Tendo. They light up colored leaves is old private school "Kakuchi Gakusha" which it was said that they were sent from Kyoto. Speaking of autumn, I think that there are many people who occur delicious foods. But I advise to see beautiful cultural things.

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Old County Museum in Tendo
Location of the Old County Museum

October 23 (Mon.) 2nd social gathering about a large region administration
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Yamagata local goverment held the 2nd social gathering about a large region administration for the Murayama district which contained Tendo city and Yamagata city at Onuma Hotel in Yamagata. They held this social gathering in each place of Yamagata pref. in order to make an essential point which showed a combination of merger of local autonomous bodies and the Ministry of Home Affairs demands to all local goverments. At a meeting, they explained a result of various questionnaire that they carried out still now and a financial exception steps after a merge.

There is a story about wide area merger from the past in Tendo and Yamagata, around a prefectural office location. However, it has never concrete. They talked on this story, they concluded that it is a problem that who takes the leadership to become this story lively between inhabitants.

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80% of a council answered it is need to argument a merger(News in Tendo:4th week in September, 2000)

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