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October 15 (Sun.) The first industry exhibition "INDEX Tendo"
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[ Industry Exhibition ]On October 14 and October 15, they held the industry exhibition "INDEX Tendo" at the Tendo Sports Center. It is the first time to have an exhibition in Tendo. This is the cooperative event both the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Tendo and Yamagata shogi piece cooperative. They held it to let many citizens know broadly a Japanese tradition industry "Tendo shogi piece" and current industry in Tendo. At the meeting place, companies introduce industry or food products and actually, we can buy them at the place.

A sound manufacturer "Tohoku Pioneer" ( they display an organic EL(electro-luminescence), type of self-emission of light which is a next generation display. This is produced by use of the technology that oen Japanese developed. He is a Nobel prize winner of chemistry in 2000 Mr. Hideki SHIRAKAWA who is a honorary professor of Tsukuba university in Japan. Otherwise, Kakikoma(Painted shogi piece), Horikoma(Carved shogi piece) and other kind of shogi piece are also displayed ans sold.

As for the event, they held a stump rally, not only an exhibition. The eating and drinking corners that used a special product of Tendo were established outdoors. On October 14, they introduced an appearance of event on a radio program of YBC(Yamagata Broadcasting Center), that event was full of a lot of people.

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Location of Tendo Sports Center

October 14 (Sat.) Start to crop special products "La France"
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[ La France ]They start to crop one of special products in Tendo "La France" from October 14 all at once in whole Tendo. La France is a kind of western pear, Mr. Clode Branche in Frence discovered that tree. In 1903, they introduced one for the first time in Japan at the agricultural experimental station in Okitsu, Shizuoka pref. Now, Tendo is the first place about a volume of production in whole Japan.

The greatest characteristic that La France is different from other fruit is that we cannot eat one immediately just after the harvest. Most farmers carried in harvested La France to the huge refrigerator of JA(Japan Agricultural Cooperative) Tendo <>. After they save fruits for two weeks twice, they turn into that La France which seems to be melting and soft. It is a little bad appearance because of humpy, taste is very mellow and there is different deliciousness with Japanese pear.

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Tourist Orchard in Tendo

October 13 (Fri.) Use rate of 61.2%, the flight to Tokyo
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Yamagata announced the use situation of Yamagata Airport from January, 2000 to September. About the flight to Tokyo that All Nippon Airways operates, there were only 60,000 passangers. It means that 60,000 passangers decrease when they compare it with the same periog of last year. They will operate 2 flights per a day if the use rate is over 70%. But this use rate was 61.2%, it is a long distance to become 2 flights per a day.

The passanger to use Yamagata Airport are decrease not only on the flight to Tokyo but also on the flight to Osaka. It is only the flight between Shonai airport and Tokyo airport that the number of passangers increased than the last year. I think that economy is bad as ever in Japan.

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Special service for the passangers only the flight from Tokyo

October 12 (Thu.)
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October 11 (Wed.) Examination of referendum about a merger
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In Tokyo, they have a general meeting of "Investigating committee of Local government system", one of council of the Ministry of Home Affairs, and they submit a draft of system reform of local autonomy. This draft will be concluded by October 19 and after it is reported the prime minister Yoshirou MORI. They revise an exception laws of merger revised on that draft.

In a draft, they touch a referendum system in each place on the occasion of mobile dam in Yoshino River, construction of a nuclear power plant, etc. They say that "Merger of towns and villages is a problem to affect existence of a local self-governing body, it is fit to ask intention of inhabitants", propose that it is desirable to introduce a referendum system.

However, Mr. Fumio YAMAMOTO, the mayor of Soeda town in Fukuoka, as the president of the whole town and village objected that "the Merger of self-governing bodies should respect independence of an area strictly, institutionalizing of referendum leads to compulsion of merger". So they decide to revise it partly.

And about an external form standard taxation which Mr. ISHIHARA, the governor of Tokyo, suggested and aroused a controversy, they proposed that it is desirable to make a plan for early introduction and to get a source of revenue. I think that they have an intention to reduce expenses from the nation to districts in a new way to increase a source of revenue of local rates by introducing external form standard taxation for a juridical person enterprise tax.

October 10 (Tue.) Merger of cities for the Liberal Democratic Party?
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Recently, the nation makes efforts to promote merger of self-governing bodies. In fact, there are two reason, not only financial circumstances of a country but also a political reason.

The Liberal Democratic Party has suffered a crushing defeat around an urban region, at a general election in June, 2000. This represents that many people don't want to elect the Liberal Democratic Party in urban regions. There seems to be the following opinion as the reason.
  • There is a difference in correspondence of a country between cities and disticts
  • It is a problem that divide the yield of taxes in cities to districts
  • The yield of taxes in cities should be used in cities
The Liberal Democratic Party needs to change their policy to give good treatment for districts and to show concretely what kind of benefit there is for people in urban regions in order to win at the election. And the nation is a financial difficulty, there are circumstances not to want to give money to districts if possible. Their opinions agree each other, it seems to be one more reason(the true reason?) that the nation demands merger of self-governing bodies loudly.

About merger of self-governing bodies, it is a will of area inhabitants that becomes a main premise. By each situation of self-governing bodies, many various results may come out from now on at each place in whole country, follow the situation that only a country pushes their project steadily and freely, or insist their own opinion properly...

October 9 (Mon.)
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