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[ Process of merger of self-governing bodies ]
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Japanese era
Christian era
Events in Tendo
Events in Japan
Taisho era
Establishment of the Tendo practical course girls' school (existing: Tendo senior high school).
1914 / Start of the first World War.
1918 / Rice riot happens.
1922 / The Japanese Communist Party is formed illegally.
1925 / The promulgation of universal suffrage law
Peasant movements thrives, disputes between landowners and tenant farmers burst out.
Showa era
Odajima incident happens.
1931 / Manchurian Incident happens
1937 / Japan-China War happens
1941 / Japan declares war against America and Britain, and the Pacific Wars begin
1945 / Atomic bombs are dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
1945 / Japan accepts Potsdam Declaration, and war is over
1951 / They have a peace conference in San Francisco and recognize Japanese independence
1960 / Japan sign a new U.S.-Japan security treaty.
1972 / Okinawa returns to Japan.
1972 / Japan restore diplomatic relations with China.
Elementary schools and junior high schools in Tendo become national elementary schools.
Jimmachi with Yamagata Airport receives an air raid.
National schools become elementary schools, and the "6-3-3 system" starts, 6 years of elementary school, 3 years of junior high school and 3 years of high sechools.
1 town and 6 villages merge and new Tendo city starts.
(October 1, 1954)
Municipal organization is enforced in the tenth in Yamagata.
(October 1, 1958)
Toyosaka village merges to Tendo city.
(October 20, 1962)
# Toyosaka village: current Takadama area, Hoshinuno area and Araya area
All the cities are designated in a city planning area, and a preparation enterprise of a field is begun.
(March 9, 1964)
As a local autonomy excellent city, Tendo receive Minister for Home Affairs commendation.
(November 17, 1967)
Inauguration of whole line of Yamagata bypass (new Route 13).
(December 18, 1968)
They integrate junior high schools which there are in each area of Tendo and establish the Daiichi(first) junior high school and the Daini(2nd) junior high school.
(April 1, 1969)
They integrate junior high schools which there are in each area of Tendo and establish the Daisan(3rd) junior high school.
(April 1, 1970)
15th anniversary of municipal organization enforcement.
A current Government building is completed in Oinomori.
(September 30, 1972)
Establishment of a charter of Tendo.
(October 1, 1974)
Establishment of a song of Tendo.
(December 1, 1974)
They decide a Red leaves as a tree of Tendo, an azalea of the flower of Tendo and a bunting as a bird of a city.
(May 1, 1976)
Population of a city exceeds 50,000 people.
(May 11, 1977)
Tendo receives Minister for Home Affairs commendation at the 30th anniversary of local autonomy.
(October 6, 1977)
We will have the National Athletic Meet in Tendo in future, and they start to purchase a site.
Public information magazine wins the Prime Minister prize.
(October 21, 1986)
Open of the old county museum.
(November 1, 1986)
Nishi-Numata remains are designated on a historic spot of a country
(January 26, 1987)
30th Anniversary of municipal organization enforcement.
They are buried time capsules in each elementary school of the city.
They develop land for a forest of shogi to Mt. Maizuru.
(October 1, 1987)
Quoted the "Story of Tendo", the memorial magazine of the 25th founding anniversary of Tendo junior chambe
and "A summary of Tendoi" written by city office

[ Process of merger of self-governing bodies ]
[ Old Stone Age - Middle Ages ] / [ Edo - Meiji ] / [ Taisho - Showa ] / [ Heisei ]
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