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[ Process of merger of self-governing bodies ]
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Japanese era
Christian era
Events in Tendo
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Edo era
Yoshimitsu MOGAMI rebuilds the Atago Jinjya(Shinto shrine) which disappeared. After that, Mitsuuji UJIIE donates a stone garden lantern and Yoshitoshi MOGAMI dedicates a votive picture of a horse.
1603 / Ieyasu TOKUGAWA founds the Shogunate to Edo(current Tokyo)
1639 / Finish of a national seclusion.
1853 / A black ships commanded of Perry go on shore in Uraga.
1868 / The Meiji Restoration
A fight about water between Nukuzu village and Narazawa village.
A great haiku poet Basho MATSUO goes through Tendo during trips to visit Yamadera.
Famine and tearing down happened because the long rain continued.
Nobuchika ODA of Obata-Ueno feudal lord is moved to Takahata, and Tendo area becomes a territory of Oda.
Riot happens in Murayama area included Tendo and Yamagata
Nobukazu ODA moves from Takahata to Tendo.
For a bad crop, famine continues from the front for several years. A rest-in-peace pagoda of a death from hunger person is built on Nukazuka area.
A disturbance of HEIZO happens.
Shingaku KIKUCHI begins photograph business in Yamagata.
Boshin War happens.
A town of Tendo is covered with flames of war.
Daihachi YOSHIDA commits harakiri.
Meiji era
Chikuun MOTOZAWA establishes a private school "Kakuchi Gakusha".
1871 / Establishment of prefectures in place of feudal domains
1877 / War of Seinan-no-Eki
1881 / A guide of Diet establishment
1881 / Organization of the Liberal Party
1888 / The promulgation of Great Japanese Imperial Constitution
1894 / Sino-Japanese War
1904 / Russo-Japanese War
1910 / Merger of Republic of Korea
Tendo becomes Tendo Prefecture and after merged to Yamagata Prefecture.
Elementary schools are established in each village.
Finish to built the Higashi-Murayama county government office.
The Meiji Emperor cruises in Yamagata Prefecture.
Kenjiro SHIGENO organize a political company "Toueisha".
Inokichi SATOH is imprisoned sometimes because he pushs the radical freedman right.
Inauguration of the Sekiyama Highway that connects Sendai city (Miyagi prefecture) with Tendo.
SHIGENO, MIYAGI and MATSUURA runs for the 1st Dietman election. Kouzou MIYAGI is only elected.
Shigeno is elected by a Dietman special election of replacement.
Establishment of a political body "Tougun-sha"
Inauguration of Ou train line.
Highest wind gives the big damage.
Open of Tendo spa.
Finish of waterworks in Takatama area.
Quoted the "Story of Tendo", the memorial magazine of the 25th founding anniversary of Tendo junior chambe

[ Process of merger of self-governing bodies ]
[ Old Stone Age - Middle Ages ] / [ Edo - Meiji ] / [ Taisho - Showa ] / [ Heisei ]
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