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Mt. Gassan
Mt. Gassan (6KB-jpeg)
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Tendo city is located at the north of Yamagata city, priciple of Yamagata Prefecture.
Around this area, we call "Murayama" area.

Tendo city is located between 2 big mountains, Mt.Zao and Mt.Gassan. They call "Murayama Bonchi" (the basin aroound murayama area).

The Mt.Zao is the east of Tendo city.
And the Mt.Gassan is the west.

Tendo is the center of the that basin. So it is very hot over 35 C (95F) in summer. It is very cold below -5C (23F) and much snow in winter. But it makes fruits very sweet.

Tendo is a best location for ALL tourists because it takes 10 minutes to the Yamagata-Airport, 20 minutes to the city of Yamagata and 1 hour to the city of Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture.
Mt. Hayama
Mt. Hayama
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So many tourists visit Tendo spa for the base.

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