Where is Tendo ?(No.2)Japanese
(Last update: July 14, 1998)

Yamagata Prefecture (20KB-gif)
In Tendo City, we have a very good traffic condition.

You can arrive at Yamagata City in 20 minuites, whici has the local goverment of Yamagata Prefecture.

And you can go to the Yamagata Airport in 10 minuites by car.
Yamagata Airport is located in Higashine City, next to Tenco City.

And more, you can go to Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture in 1 hour by train or car.

From Sendai City, you have to take a route 48 or Yamagata highway.

4 color mean ...
Yellow: Murayama area
Green: Okitama area
Red: Mogami area
Blue: Shounai area

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