The Red leaves in Tendo(2)Japanese
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Kakuchi-Gakusha / Mt.Omoshiro / Prefectural Sports Park / Central Park

Yamagata Prefectural Sports Park
[Central Gate] Yamagata Prefectural Sports Park is located at the south of the Mt.Maizuru. On the Mt.Maizuru, we have very big festival every spring "Ningen Shogi" (Human Japanese Chess Game). Yamagata Prefectural Sports Park, it is known as not only the cherry blossoms but also the beauty spots of red leaves.

In the park there is a good jogging courses. So it is very good environment for the people who walk for thier health and who walk with thieir little children. (A left photograph is the walk way of the promenade by the side of the central exit")
South Gate They maintain as a park not only in the sports park but also around the sports park as well. They plant street trees and these trees enjoy us around through one year. (Left photographs are the street trees of a road to go to "the South Exit.")
the opposite side of the factory of "National"(the company of "Matsushita") along Route 13
[10 minutes from the JR station by car / 10 minutes from the Yamagata-Kita Interchange of the Yamagata highway by car]

Parking lot
Though it is in the park as well, the big parking lot which adjoins a park south side in the case of full car is decided to be used.
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Kakuchi-Gakusha / Mt.Omoshiro / Prefectural Sports Park / Central Park

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