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Tourist Orchard in Tendo(Araya)(Last update: August 5, 2000)

Caution!Caution !
In the season of cherry, many open-air shops will open on weekend. At this page, I will introduce fruits orchard that belong to the Conference of Tourist Orchard in Tendo. You must be satisfied surely.
< Southeast part of Tendo city (Araya) >
Tourist Orchard in Tendo (Araya)
From Sendai city...
1 hour by car

From central Tendo...
about 15 min. by car

By taxi...
about 2,500 yen
(from JR Tendo sta.)
  • It is convenient when you go to "Yamadera" where is the most famous sightseeing spot in Yamagata pref.
  • It is convenient to come from the Yamagata-Kita Interchange of the Yamagata Highway because these orchards are located in the southeast part of Tendo city.
  • You have to go by car or taxi because there is not a bus route.
< Southeast part of Tendo city (Yamadera) >
Name TEL Cherry Peach Plum Grape Apple La France
Konno Kankou Kajyuen +81-23-654-0187 O O O O O S
Tendo Sakuranboen +81-23-653-5745 O O S S S S
Hanagasa Kankou Kajyuen +81-23-653-7667 O O O O O S
Tendo Kankou Kajyuen +81-23-654-1558 O S S O O S
Jyagaramogara interchange center +81-23-653-0015 S S S S S S
# O - Okay to pick off and eat it by yourself
# S - Only selling them (Unnable to pick off and eat it by yourself)

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