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(Last modified: July 30, 1998)

<Events in July>
| Saflower Festival | Beautiful Lip Mark Contest |
| Tendo city library | Public bath "Yupia" | Tendo city museum |

| Calendar in July 1998 |

From June 1 / 10th Beautiful Lipmark Contest

From July 21 to July 24 / Extra closed of county museum

By July 12 (Sun.) / Saflower Festival

      From June 27(Sat.) to July 12(Sun.)

      Jyagara Mogara center
      (at the area "Kaminukuzu")
      June 27(Sat.) / Opening Ceremony
      July 5 (Sun.) / Special events
        Japanese traditional drums, Local dance Nukuzu Benibana Ondo, Poem contest, etc.
    They present only 150 people everyday.
    The famous place about beautiful maple "Kakuchi Gakusha" is free everyday.

Tendo city library

Tendo city museum

Public bath Yupia

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