Events in June, 1998Japanese

(Last modified: July 3, 1998)

From June 27 / Saflower Festival
      From June 27(Sat.) to July 12(Sun.)

      Jyagara Mogara center
      (at the area "Kaminukuzu")
      June 27(Sat.) / Opening Ceremony

They don't have the "Photo Contest" this year.

June18 (Thu.) / Lecture about Daihachi YOSHIDA
      June 18 (Thu.) from 16:00

      Tennoukaku in Tendo spa
      Lecture about Daihachi YOSHIDA, who is a samurai in 18c.
      (By Mr.NAKAMURA)


June 14 (Sun.) / Walking to the mountain

June 13 (Sat.) / Free at sports fields
      June 13 (Sat.)
        From 9:00 to 17:00
      From 10:00
      Lecture about baseball for children

Tendo city library

Tendo city museum

Public bath Yupia

From June 6 and 7 / Exhibition about waterworks

From June 2 to 4 / Extra closed of Shogi museum

From June 1 / 10th Beautiful Lipmark Contest

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