Events in May, 1998Japanese

(Last modified: June 2, 1998)

From May 10 / Azalea festival
      At Azale park
      (west slant of Mt.Maizuru)
      Light up / from May 10(Sun.) to May 30(Sat.)
      Tea party / on May 17(Sun.)

Every weekend / Free film theater
      Public library in Tendo city
      From 14:00
      May 16(Sat.)
      May 20(Wed.)
      May 23(Sat.)
      May 30(Sat.)

May 10 (Sun) / Concert of brass band
      Tendo city hall

      From 13:30

      Adults 500 yen / Students 300 yen

      Countr Road / Holliwood medly
      Tonari no TOTORO / Princess MONONOKE

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